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Women leaders have some unique needs and challenges to being their most effective in the workplace.  This is especially true in male dominated environments.  Women's behavior in leadership positions is often closely and critically scrutinized.  Women struggle to find a comfortable way to manage both their professional and personal responsibilities.  Because of these unique characteristics, women leaders often benefit from the support of individual or group coaching work.



Harriet has many years of experience assisting women leaders.  She has worked with female doctors and scientists in some of the world's best teaching hospitals, helped others in leading universities and coached women in well known financial services institutions.  As a result she has gained a unique perspective and set of approaches that resonate with women in her one on one coaching work.  She has also collaborated to develop highly impactful group coaching approaches that build and sustain leadership skills that benefit the participants and their institutions.



Women benefit from coaching by finding their authentic voices, learning approaches that help them optimize their energy as they identify and act on their priorities.  They develop critical skills that build on their strengths and make them more effective and impactful in the workplace.  Often women report that coaching leads to lives that are more fulfilling and that their work is more rewarding.


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