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Harriet has built a practice of assisting those who are at an inflection point or cross road in their lives and who are looking for how to best manage this transition.  She helps these clients find what hidden expectations assumptions and habits may be limiting their ability to move forward.  She guides them as they envision their future and put in place behaviors to achieve this new desired state.



Coachees engage in a unique assessment phase that helps them develop key insights into their priorities and needs.  Taking this learning into account, Harriet and her coachee work together to put in place a detailed action plan.  They continue to collaborate as the work of building a new future goes forward adjusting the plan as needed.



Coachees benefit by finding clarity of meaning and courage to step into new arenas.  Individuals who have engaged in her transition coaching program report increased excitement, optimism and feelings of agency and control.  Building on their strengths, coachees develop new behaviors that help them achieve their desired future.

"...I found working with Harriet to be an enormously rewarding process...."  read more


-Roger Patkin

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