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Over the years Harriet has developed a deep well of knowledge and experience in the leadership arena; focusing on how leaders develop, their challenges and strengths.  Many of Harriet's clients are technical experts.  She helps them by building on their deep technical expertise to gain skills in effective approaches to managing and leading others.  A particular passion has been on assisting women leaders with their unique challenges to become highly impactful leaders.


Coaching Approach

Harriet's training and experience has taught her that a successful coaching engagement is comprised of three critical properties.  The first is the coaching relationship, the second is the coach’s assessment and growing understanding of the needs of the client and the third is the client’s work to grow and gain capacity.



She starts by having deep and probing conversations that develop a sense of mutual respect and trust enabling free and open expression.  With this foundation she works to understand her clients as whole people – their sense of self, ways of managing their physical energy and environment, and quality of their relationships.  As part of her intake process, she makes use of various 360° instruments and other personality and preference assessments as needed to gather data to gain an in depth understanding of her clients and the worlds in which they live.



Following the information gathering process, Harriet helps her clients see how their belief about themselves and their roles in the world (our story about ourselves) influences and colors their behaviors.  Often these beliefs get in the way of being our best selves.  She works with her clients to adapt an attitude of curiosity rather than judgment about themselves and others encouraging them into a new more positive story.  These insights are a necessary step but not sufficient to developing new competencies.



The work of the coachees is to try out new ways of thinking and behaving getting feedback from the coach and others.  Clients further augment their learning through observations as well as with targeted readings. This ongoing work helps coachees as they build enhanced skills, capabilities and an increased understanding of their world.  They find that they become more powerful and proficient individuals living life with increasing joy and fulfillment.


"...Harriet has brought a vital added dimension of objectivity and clarity to how I think about things..."  read more


- Joey Mead, PhD.

Co-Director, Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence,

University of Massachusetts Lowell

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