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In addition to coaching individuals, Harriet also offers coaching that takes place in small POD groups of 4-6 participants.  Organizations often struggle to support and grow the skills of individual leaders to support achieving the goals of the organization. Harriet’s group coaching methodology leverages the power of working in small groups over a sustained period applying one-on-one coaching to a group setting making optimum use of limited resources.


The real magic of this approach is the support, connections and increased skill development that happens in the intimate setting of a small group.  POD members develop trusting relationships that help them feel safe and are often sustained over time.  This comfort engenders openness, willingness to take risks and to fail, all of which are necessary components to growth.   


Who Benefits

Group coaching approaches benefit a broad range of leaders moving an organization’s strategic goals forward while demonstrating a strong commitment to its employees.  


  • High Potential Leaders moving into new roles

  • Women Leaders or other leaders from under-represented groups an organization wants to retain or promote

  • Functional Leaders charged with increasing cross-organizational collaboration and building networks to achieve essential goals

  • Change Agents key to increasing stakeholder engagement and commitment in significant organizational change initiatives



Dr. Harriet Nezer has extensive experience successfully coaching participants in small POD groups.  These include work in the Harvard University Executive Education Programs such as 'A New Path' and 'Cross Roads' as well as for the Young Presidents Organization and Fidelity Investments leadership development programs.  She also collaborated to lead and design group coaching programs for West Virginia University.  


"...She was amazing!  She helped four complete strangers come together and work together on each of our goals..."  read more


-Jennifer Daley, MD

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