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"Harriet has been wonderfully helpful in both my work and personal life. I have really enjoyed working with her - it's taken me time to affect the changes, but she has really helped me see the value of gaining different perspectives. I've now recognized how my personal background and behaviors were getting in the way of making progress. Harriet has brought a vital added dimension of objectivity and clarity to how I think about things."

- Joey Mead, PhD.

Co-Director, Nanomanufacturing Center of Excellence,

University of Massachusetts Lowell

"Harriet’s empathy, balanced patience and professional expertise were much appreciated in the midst of a new stage in my personal life and career. She has broad humanistic criteria which was a key factor in helping me to explore myself and recognize some positive changes I was neglecting to perform. The productive maturity I have gained from my time with Harriet has been invaluable."


- Francisco Suriano

Chief Executive Officer,

Large Steel & Building Supply Co., El Salvador

"Harriet is remarkably warm and an exceptional listener. She is not judgmental and has profound insights and advice that have proved to be very helpful. Among other things, she has helped me to find a better balance between my professional and personal life, to identify a better way to assess how I use my time, and to improve my confidence in my ability as a manager. She guided me very effectively, in such a way that I came to my own conclusions. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for profound improvements in their career and personal life."

- Sebastian Royo

Associate Provost,

Suffolk University

"Harriet is a thoughtful perceptive and persistent coach who brings out the best in all of her clients.  I found her to be able to discern where I wanted to go, even when I couldn't quite put my finger on where I wanted to go.

Harriet facilitated my small group at the Harvard Business School.  She was amazing!  She helped four complete strangers come together and work together on each of our goals.  It was a priceless experience and wouldn't have been possible without Harriet's thoughtful and sensitive approach."

-Jennifer Daley, MD

"Harriet opens up a world of possibility.  She then works to progressively narrow options to those that fulfill one's most fundamental goals.  I found working with Harriet to be an enormously rewarding process."

-Roger Patkin

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